we build
your success.


corporate strategy.

How to define the future before it defines you? This is the type of question we strive to answer every day with our partners.

certification support.

With our international experts, we support our partners in their ISO certification and CE marking projects.

scientific consulting.

With our experts, we support you and your scientific needs in terms of scientific writing, publications and data management.

marketing & digital.

We develop end to end marketing solutions end to end to meet your needs. We cover strategic analysis, market research, definition of your marketing strategy, deployment of your marketing plan and realization of your promotional material.


We are part of your digitalization and develop innovative solutions that meet your needs such as website development, LMS deployment or DMS implementation.


With our international experts, we work with industrial plants and organizations to optimize their productivity and profitability.

lean management.

Because we see opportunities for improvement in each of your constraints, we deploy Lean Management projects to optimize your operational performance.


We work on all quality aspects related to your business. From your strategy to the implementation of new quality tools at the operational level.

industrial safety.

The safety factor is essential for the sustainability of your activity. We put in place a practical approach that meets your EHS challenges.



they trust us.


Adaptive solutions and 100% business practical.

We help you on all of your training and learning needs related to your business.

We offer a 100% practical business content, established according to the best international standards, with high added value and adapted specifically to your business.

Our training solutions are scalable and adapts to your needs. Thus, we offer rich content that can be provided in digital learning, in blended learning or in classrooms.

Pharmaxiom is also an approved training center. We work with our partners to deliver the best learning solutions.

keep the basics


Your employees will fully benefit from our online training, directly accessible from any terminal, without time or space constraints.

blended learning

This approach combines eLearning and face-to-face sessions. The training program is mixed and combines the benefits of eLearning with classroom training cycles in the presence of our experts.


All our training programs are also available in class. Your employees will benefit from the know-how of our experts in face to face sessions.

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